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Larry David, Kevin Nealon Hit Deer Valley This Weekend

[...Why no bar on this chairlift? We're forty feet off the ground. There's usually a perfectly good bar here!!]
A 21-year old tradition, the Celebrity SkiFest has been on the calendar on nearly every opening weekend of Deer Valley since actors started stuffing themselves into one-pieces and rear entry boots to do some casual slalom racing all the way back in 1991. This year's incarnation features Kevin Nealon, Rosie Perez, and the always excitable Larry David, who we assume will be making awkward complaints about some part of the regal Deer Valley skiing experience.

While the $1,250 price tag is a little obnoxious, that includes a celebrity race on Saturday, a Pro-AM race on Sunday, and access to a fundraiser dinner on Saturday night with an intimate concert from Melissa Etheridge, all for the benefit of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s non-profit, the Waterkeeper Alliance, which protects and preserves water from pollution worldwide. Might as well head over to squeeze a good joke or two out of Nealon or David over a shrimp cocktail, or to see if Etheridge's 90's hits magically generate a crowd of 40-year old white people with ugly turtlenecks tucked into acid-washed jeans.
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