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Non-Crazy Plane Conversion May Be the Coolest School Ever

Here's another architecture tidbit to add to the growing list of stunning structures designed for kids: out of Georgia,—the Eurasian country, not the neighbor of Alabama—comes a kindergarten carved from an old passenger jet. The converted plane, a Georgian Airways Yakovlev Yak-42, is certainly not the first jet to get an architectural upgrade—there are plane domiciles in Nigeria and Costa Rica, after all—though this school seems to be the plane conversion that makes the most sense. See, while it's never been very clear why a grownup would want to live full-time somewhere most can barely stand to spend five hours, when you're 4 years old, going to school in an airplane must be just about the best thing ever. And here's why: while the majority of plane was gutted and outfitted with mini tables, toys, and other sorts of classroom staples, the cockpit stayed exactly the same. This detail means scads of time screaming "pew! pew! pew!" while fiddling with the more than 1,500 buttons, nobs, and switches at the nose of the plane. It's the kind of fun that just might give Japan's hand-knit jungle gym a run for its money in the competition for world's most awesome place to play.
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