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2013 Powder Mag Video Awards Move to Park City

Powder Magazine will be moving their 2013 Powder Video Awards, an annual celebration of the best performances and production in ski film, from the boozy halls of the Hotel Jerome in Aspen to the Park City Live venue in Park City, Utah. The Powder Awards traditionally coincided with the Winter X Games, giving ski industry figures in town for the competition and visiting minor celebrities another excuse to get together and drink for free at altitude. It remains to be seen if Utah can host as much of a rager as the Lower 48's favorite partying ski town, and Las Vegas before that, has been able to in years past. Pretty sure the answer is no, although with a packed house full of professional bums and a free tab, chances are they're do their best to get close.
·Powder Magazine Moves 2013 Video Awards to Park City [Powder Magazine]