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Way Late to the Game, Here's 'Sh*t Interior Designers Say'

This holiday season, Traditional Home asks you to please remember last holiday season, when the "Shit Girls Say" YouTube video/cultural sensation went viral and spawned dozens of spinoffs, not the least being "Shit Real Estate Agents Say." The magazine, published by Meredith, is not usually one to fall so behind; after all, two years ago it tapped the Lonny team to direct the launch of the younger, fresher, online-only Trad Home, wherein emergent decorating talent gets its much-deserved share of the limelight.

Anyway, moving on. The two-minute "Shit Interior Designers Say" video stars interior designers Carson Kressley (formerly of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy), Eddie Lee (Curbed coverage), Amanda Nisbet (color overlord), and Nick Olsen (Curbed coverage) as they romp around NYC's Decoration & Design building praising scalloped nailhead and saying things like "That's what throw pillows cost these days" and "Tell me you love it." Drink after all mentions of "chic," below.

The Video:

· Sh** Interior Designers Say [YouTube]
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