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All-Book Apartment Brought to You by the Death of Print

Argentinian artist and presumed lover of the written word Pablo Lehmann has revived old, discarded books, turning them into a life-sized apartment filled with paper boudoirs, flaked pedestal sinks, a completely unusable bathtub, and a less-than-sturdy dining set. Much like most other structures built from books, the whole shebang is not even a little bit functional—somehow a fireplace made entirely out of recycled paper seems like a bad idea—but, like other rooms created from atypical materials (the totally wood-blocked dining room, the all-cardboard office, and the London flat that was transformed into a geode), Scribe's House turns the dully familiar into something worth studying, allowing the everyday to become something extraordinary. The piece is on display in Miami between now and Sunday, and Anthropologie sells a book of images from the project for a mere $2,300. Or, alternatively, interested parties can find more photos from the exhibit below.

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