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Tour a Crazy Holiday House With 80,000 Bulbs, 400 Wreaths

AOL Real Estate recently paid a visit to Torrington, Conn.'s Christmas House, a mind-numbing (and possibly blinding) display of 80,000 bulbs, 400 Christmas wreaths, tangles of garland, and, inside, 600 Christmas dolls, 450 holiday-themed statues, and a snow village. The homeowner has been setting his place alight every year since 1982, when he erected a meager "nativity scene and a trees with bows on it." The poor guy has to start on the project the weekend after Labor Day, but upping his game every season—and spending an estimated $2,000—has paid off: he will likely see 20,000 visitors this year. Let's just hope they've all brought sunglasses: the home takes 800 kilowatts of electricity to do whatever the heck it's doing above. Watch the video tour below, and do contemplate whether it's better, philosophically speaking, to be overly enthusiastic or lazy as sin.

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