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Come Tour Muji's Gingerbread 'Village,' Made of 100 Houses

Enterprises of edible architecture always abound around the holidays, but this season's gingerbread artists are particularly ambitious, creating works like a 300-pound White House, a cookie interpretation of NYC's collapsed crane, and even an entire block of gingerbread brownstones. Design-y Japanese retailer Muji has taken the whole genre up another notch, this time with a tiny gingerbread town, complete with 100 houses created from 15,000 Muji snacks. There's a commuter train; hay bales; tiny residents shoveling snow, heading to work, and chatting with neighbors; and even mini video projections. The burg is on display in Toyko until Christmas Day, but the company has also installed a 24-hour live feed for virtual visitors. And yet again, Muji has enlisted children to help build stuff—watch the video and see some close-up shots below.

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