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Are These the Floorplans to the Country's Largest House?

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Floorplans of the American "Versailles"—which billionaire mega-developer David Siegel and his wife had intended to turn into their dream home but are now forced to sell after suffering blows from the housing and credit crunch—have just surfaced on the real estate blog A.V.D. Mansion. Listed for $100M finished ("based on the royal palace of Louis XIV of the 17th century or to the buyers' specificiation") or $75M unfinished ("with all exterior finishings in crates in the 20-car garage on-site") and spanning 90,000 square feet, the Windermere, Fla., property has recently been made subject of a Sundance film that was picked up for mainstream production. Now, about those floorplans: they're published on the property's official site and reveal extravagances such as a nanny's room and a "children's theater room." One question, though: where the heck are those 10 kitchens?

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