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Inside MF Global Chairman Jon Corzine's Hoboken Penthouse

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First Goldman Sachs chairman, then New Jersey governor, then disgraced head of failed derivatives broker MF Global, Jon Corzine has had a bit of a checkered career and owning a multimillion-dollar condo in Hoboken isn't really helping his reputation. Corzine is looking to unload the 2,400-square-foot riverfront pad for $2.9M, a more than tidy sum for these parts, but more than $300K less than he paid for the place back in 2008. Floor-to-ceiling windows capture sweeping views of the Hudson and Manhattan, while the "living room, dining room, media room with built-in entertainment system and adjacent bar serving area make for an entertainer's dream." From the looks of things, this Toll Brothers development is the 15 Central Park West of Hoboken, but that doesn't mean another financier is going to drop $3M out here. Unless, of course, he or she wants to run for Jersey governor.
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