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Come, Let's Tour the Most Expensive Estate in the Country

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In a country full of $100M-plus properties, this one brings new meaning to the words "crown jewel." Located in the exclusive Los Angeles enclave of Holmby Hills, Fleur de Lys was designed by Richard Robertson III and completed in 2002 for billionaire David Saperstein and his then-wife, Suzanne. After David's much-publicized affair with their Swedish nanny, the two went through a much-publicized divorce that left his ex with the palatial 35,000-square-foot mansion. Much like the largest private residence in the country, Fleur de Lys was also inspired by Versailles (practically a requirement for homes of this stature, apparently) and boasts 100 total rooms, including 12 bedrooms, 15 baths, marble walls, limestone floors, a ballroom, accommodations for a 10-person staff, two kitchens, a 50-seat screening room, a nine-car garage, and a three-bedroom caretaker's house, not to mention rare Louis XIV and Louis XV antiques galore. The property first hit the market in 2007, pulled off in October 2009, and again listed for its original ask—a staggering $125M—this past July.

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