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Priciest Listing in Amagansett; Barbie's Dream Closet

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AMAGANSETT, N.Y.—Curbed Hamptons notices that a pretty shingle-style five-bedroom house has hit the market for $14.5M, making it the priciest listing in town. It measures 4,000 square feet and has an elevator inside, not to mention 160 feet of direct beachfront. [Curbed Hamptons]

NYC—In the world of over-the-top closets, this one might take the cake: the Barbie Dream Closet, which just opened at New York Fashion Week. The 9,000-square-foot space is bedecked in all manners of pink, crystal chandeliers, and glittery shoes. [Racked NY]

THE INTERNETWest Elm, along with partners such as Etsy and Brooklyn Flea, has launched a cute line of e-cards for Valentine's Day. [CurbedWire Inbox]