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Let George Clooney Woo You on a Tour of His L.A. Pad

Recently CBS News convinced actor George Clooney to let them tour his Los Angeles home, which he bought in the early '90s during the second season of ER. After quasi-hitting on CBS correspondent Lara Logan ("Well, Lara, you're welcome any time..."), Clooney leads the camera crew to his kitchen, where he jokes about the fact that he's got nothing in the fridge. "There's some lady that makes salads for me, [so there are] salads and some sort of juice things," he says. "One of my New Year's Eve resoluations was to eat better and do one of those cleanses." When asked about the difference between a house and a home, the actor waxes nostalgic: "A house is a place that you would live in, but a home is a place where your family and friends are part of," adding that his own home is "just a fun place to be." Watch the full video interview below.

The Video:

· Person to Person: George Clooney [CBS News via Miller Samuel Inc.]