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Five Chances to Buy in Towns Where the Love Never Dies

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Is your life defined by a lack of romance? Just simply don't hear enough of the word "love" outside of Valentine's Day? Well, get ready to pick up and move, because rectifying that little problem is just a home purchase away. Here are five houses in towns where it's Valentine's Day every day. Up first is Loveland, Colo., where this log mansion sits on 375 acres of rock-strewn hillsides and towering conifers. Measuring 11,000 square feet, the main house was built in 2004 by Pioneer Log Homes, the same people responsible for the world's largest log frame structure. Under a slate roof salvaged from a demolished Connecticut building lie five bedrooms, seven baths, a home theater, a wine cellar, bar, elevator, four-car garage, and built-in audio system. All that don't-lift-a-finger luxury costs big bucks; this mountain mansion is listed for $10M.

? Nestled in the Edison, N.J. neighborhood of Valentine, this cape house sits on a lot that's smaller than the interior of the Colorado colossus, but this feels much more like a cozy family home, with four beds and four baths spread over 1,900 square feet. Plus, at least one room is already in the pink V-Day spirit. Built in 1952, it's listed for $360K.

? Overlooking Valentine's Creek, a quaint corner of Chesapeake Bay in Crownsville, Md., this brick ranch house might not look like much, but it lords over a prime piece of waterfront property and is on the market for $660K. There's no doubt the place is cozy, with three beds and two baths stuck in 1,500 square feet, but that might be a small sacrifice to enjoy the romantic dock out front.

? Fans of Shakespeare might be drawn to this home in Mount Juliet, Tenn., not merely for the name of the town, but also because of an architectural style that mimics the castles of yore. The stone-sided five bedroom is asking $1.7M, a tidy sum considering the location, but part of that cost might be due to the almost 136 acres that accompany the house.

? Lastly, for a bit of a change up, if love has really got you down, we wouldn't recommend moving to this secluded cabin in the woods near Lake Tahoe, Calif. The petite, two-bedroom, one-bath hut lies just down the road from a rocky outcrop known as Lover's Leap. The house itself, with the woodsy location and small size, could be an attractive romantic redoubt, but for the dated interiors. At the low price of $160K, there should be some left over for a renovation.

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