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Massively Expensive Stretch of Sand Comes Sans House

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Forget midwinter deals, that concept is anathema to the Hamptons, Long Island's seasonal stomping ground for the rich and famous. While some pricey houses have been trading at a pretty decent clip recently, we were most taken with this ultra-expensive listing left lingering on the market that features, well, no house. That's right, for $200M on the beach in Amagansett, one lucky buyer will receive 9.4 acres of sandy, grassy dunes and...nothing else. While it seems unlikely the parcel will sell at this price, it might be a target for a David Tepper-type. The billionaire hedge funder—yup, the same one who may or may not have close to $100M lying around in his checking account—snapped up an oceanfront mansion in Sagaponack last summer for $43.5M, then razed the 6,000-square-foot home to make way for a new one, twice the size. At least this plot could spare someone the trouble of having to knock something down.
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