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Five Heart-Shaped Tubs to Set the Mood This Valentine's Day

It takes a real commitment to romance—and perhaps a complete lack of good taste—to install a heart-shaped bath tub in one's home. Despite being the pride of by-the-hour motels everywhere, these novelties have found their way into plenty of seemingly respectable private homes. So here, for your viewing pleasure—or maybe an extravagant last-minute gift—are five houses currently wallowing on the market that feature the most romantic of bathtubs. The first, fittingly located in Swan Lake, N.Y., has a blazing red heart-shaped tub, with a swan shaped spigot no less, tucked away amid what otherwise might be described as the least romantic environment ever: a log hunting lodge festooned with dead animals, featuring a man cave-style bar. Listed for $599K, the property is entered through frightening Tim Burton-style gates.
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? The state of Tennessee seems to have a love affair with these heart-shaped tubs, and thanks to supply and demand, they're much cheaper in these parts. This modest, one-bedroom home in Gatlinburg, Tenn., asking just $57K, doesn't look like much until one checks out the bathroom, which is equipped with another bright red example of the heart-shaped tub, but here there's a pair of mirrors and some faux plants to complete the look. Not for the faint of heart, but certainly for the light in the wallet.

? Elsewhere in Tennesee—in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. to be exact—there's an even more modest cabin in the woods, with its heart-shaped tub out in full view, in the living room. In fact, the strawberries and whipped cream aren't far away either, as the kitchen is just across the room. Plus, this place is downright cheap, at just $42K. Of course, it also measures just 416 square feet.

? The mountain town of Sautee, Ga. also offers up a heart-shaped tub inside a tiny cabin. This one is a bit more spacious than its Tennessee brethren, but it still comes at just $90K. The tub here is pink, rather than red, and at least is stashed away in the bathroom, instead of just sitting out in the open.

? For more space and a heart tub, head to Reno, Nev. for another five-figure deal. This $77K three-bedroom ranch is lacking in curb appeal, but makes up for the gaping garage and grey facade with a raised red heart-shaped tub in the bathroom. Unfortunately for buyers with modern sensibilities, the floor in that bathroom is covered with dingy grey carpeting.

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