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The $850K Summer Rental; A Parasitic Cabin; A Rooftop Hut

THE HAMPTONS— Currently listed for a whopping $49M, the 12-bedroom, 18,000-square-foot Linden Estate in Southampton, N.Y. has been thrust onto the summer rental market for $850K. That mountain of cash secures this nine-acre mega-estate from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but $1.25M will keep the party going year round. [Curbed Hamptons]

SAN FRANCISCO— Artist Mark Reigelman, architect Jenny Chapman and engineer Paul Endres have joined forces to create a rustic, tiny, one-room cabin...that's stuck on the side of a five-story building. According to the artist, "the dwelling is meant to be an homage to the romantic spirit of the western myth and a commentary on the arrogance of westward expansion." [Boing Boing]

ARGENTINA— In other parasitic house news, Apartment Therapy is exploring an oddity in Buenos Aires: a tiny brick house built atop an office tower. According to legend, the owner of the house would sell the land to build the tower only on the condition that the house itself be rebuilt, brick-by-brick, on the roof. [Apartment Therapy]