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Heiress Petra Ecclestone Opens Up About Her $85M House

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Remember that sort of no-name 23-year-old heiress who spent $85M on Candy Spelling's L.A. manor last year? Well, following her $19M wedding to "gold mine owner" James Stunt, the Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone was finally ready to let the glossy magazine W behind the gates at the manor and in doing so managed to embarrass herself to no end. Curbed LA has the full rundown of the absurd items in the article, but we can't help but mention a few: She enlisted no fewer than 500 people to install her new furnishings over the course of nine weeks; she has a brand-new coat of arms designed by her decorator; she invites over insufferable fellow heir Brandon Davis; and, for when she's visiting daddy in England, she just turned around and spent $87M on a house in London's Chelsea neighborhood. For the rest, head to W.
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