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Inside Lego's Tripped-Out, Slide-Filled Danish Funhouse

It's no surprise that Lego's home office in Billund, Denmark, looks like a balls-to-the-wall funhouse with the sole purpose of accommodating people who play with and create toys all day. Designed by Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord, the space has the following: a Lego library (containing all the pieces); eight meeting rooms, each painted a different color; "an oversized sitting environment, where a light-blue padding turns the walkway into a light and soft cloud" that "unfolds and expands into sofas, sitting space and a slide that connects the two floors in a fun and playful way"; "show-off towers" where designers can display their latest work; a "Fun Zone" where kids and test the products; grass wall graphics; and "a giant LEGO man and tables with built-in bonsai gardens." It's truly amazing that these guys manage to get anything done, never mind find ways to render Frank Lloyd Wright commissions, the Brandenburg Gate, and the world's tallest building in Lego form.

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