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Win a Dyson Hot Fan Heater & a Valentine's Day Dinner for Two

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to settle the score on an issue that gets some couples hot under the collar. Studies have shown that women tend to feel colder than men. (Women conserve more heat in their vital organs, meaning there’s less heat to go around). In the battle for domestic bliss, the thermostat can be the battleground.

New technology from Dyson may help end temperature wars forever. The Dyson Hot™ fan heater can be set between 32 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit to heat or cool a room. An intelligent thermostat keeps it there.

Answer our temperature survey after the jump for a chance to win a Dyson Hot™ fan heater and a Valentine's Day dinner for two.

The Dyson Hot™: one step closer to domestic bliss.