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A Grand Mansion Built by Carnegie Steel Money for Under $1M

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Who says trickle down economics doesn't work? Take the tale of Marie Watson. This humble Rochester, N.Y. housewife used funds from steel baron Andrew Carnegie to build this sprawling 6,600-square-foot, castle-like mansion in 1931. Of course, she also happened to be Carnegie's granddaughter...and was married to a wealthy doctor. Okay, so this might not be the best example of Reaganomics but it's one hell of a steal, currently priced at $980K. After Watson's husband died in a car accident, the house passed to William McQuilkin, then-CEO of Bausch & Lomb. McQuilkin and his wife Eleanor spent more than fifty years in the home, and their maintenance and attention to detail shows in the well-preserved structure that houses eight bedrooms, seven baths, five fireplaces, and a three car garage.
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