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The Beverly Hills Gem Palais des Anges $49.5M

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Now those with a taste for absurdly over-the-top French Palladian-style mansions have—count 'em—two purchasing options: rent the grand Palais des Anges for $220K a month or buy it at its newly reduced ask of $49.5M. A quick refresher on the property: the 36,000-square-foot Beverly Hills behemoth first hit the market in 2010 for $68.5M and was subsequently delisted, relisted, and PriceChopped a couple of times. The nine-bedroom estate, set on two acres of land, has a hand-carved limestone façade, gold-plated door handles, marble columns, gilded moldings, bronze-beveled double-paned windows, and a two-story circular entry. Outside, there's a tennis court, pool, and landscaped gardens. You know, just the basic creature comforts.

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