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Rich Girl Keeps Impractical Hamptons House

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Jodi Della Femina, daughter of "Mad Men"-inspiring advertising exec Jerry Della Famina, purchased this stilted house in the Springs section of East Hampton, N.Y. in 2006 for $851K. Now, after a few more years of erosion, Della Femina and her husband have decided to list the vulnerable property for a whopping $1.25M. Of course, that's still a drop in the bucket next to their "ancestral home," the palatial, $35M waterfront estate owned by her father. Still, the younger Della Femina has earned a bit of notoriety on the East End for writing "Jodi's Shortcuts," which reveals all the back roads necessary to avoid the weekly clusterf**k on the highway. The people who live along those back roads are none too happy about the stream of cars that started showing up outside their doors and this sparked one of the all-time great Hamptons feuds, between daddy Della Femina and waspy author Michael M. Thomas, detailed at length in New York Magazine. That feud ended when Thomas packed up and moved to Brooklyn, so there's no chance Della Femina and her husband are being run out of town by the blue bloods, Maybe they're looking to make a quick buck, or maybe just trying to get out of a two-bed, one-bath house they can't expand, can't tear down, and is likely to succumb to the water any day now.

Update: According to the listing agency, this property is off the market and was featured on the website in error...which sounds a little fishy considering the aerial photography.
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