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Fun Houses: Five of America's Most Outrageous Playrooms

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For some parents, dolls and toys and legos are simply not enough to entertain their precious little ones. So, in addition to already sumptuous living quarters, these doting mommies and daddies provide fully equipped playrooms to meet their darlings' every need. Sometimes living nearly next door to the world's largest amusement parks isn't enough to satiate a child's desire for elaborate (and expensive) entertainment. This $10.9M mansion in Orlando, Fla. includes a stage for budding thespians, a home theater, two giant aquariums for the youthful oceanographers, and tennis and basketball courts for the sporty ones, and a private disco for the dancers. The adults aren't left out of the fun here either, with three jet skis, a spacious wet bar, and an outdoor living room complete with fireplace. All of these features are somehow crammed into a little over 14,000 square feet, along with six bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.
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? This sprawling California compound, known as Hilltop, sits on 3.85 acres on Lake Arrowhead, outside of Los Angeles. Built in 1927 and restored in 2000, the estate houses unique kid-friendly features, the best of which is a bunk room where all the beds are shaped like dinghies. It's both fun and, unlike some of these places, almost tasteful. Here too there's space for adult toys, including a garage stocked with motorcycles, but there should be considering the price: $10M. There's no shortage of room for guests either, with ten bedrooms and 16 bathrooms.

? Down in Newport Beach, Calif., things take a far less conservative turn with this beach house, which combines skateboard heavy kids rooms with a miniature climbing wall, faux rock shower, and wacky pirate decor. Listed for $1.2M, this family home—customized by its contractor owner—is much more modestly sized than the previous houses, with a little less than 1,500 square feet, but the proximity to the sandy playground of the beach should make up for the cramped interior.

? In Dallas, Texas, as you might imagine, the houses are much bigger than 1,500 square feet, and, sometimes, so are the kid's rooms. The owners of this 12,000-square-foot mega-mansion devoted two rooms to one of their daughters, creating a suite completely decked out with girly girl decor. The rest of the house, which costs close to $6M, has a much more grown-up and formal feel, but even the pickiest of kids couldn't be too disappointed with the pool in the backyard.

? In Atlanta, one homeowner has taken the time and space to create what amounts to an indoor playground, equipped with trampolines, swings, a slide, miniature basketball, ramps, and a climbing wall. The area all those toys are located in is outrageous for another reason altogether: with exposed studs and ductwork, it is far from kid friendly. At $850K, this is certainly the cheaper option, but considering none of this appears to be built in, buyers may have to negotiate to keep any of the fun stuff.
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