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Eleven Utterly Bonkers Habits of Singletons Who Live Alone

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The act of living alone is an oft-glamorized one: you can walk around the house without pants, say, or eat pizza for breakfast. The "incredible social experiment” as one NYU sociology professor puts the concept of solipsism, means that “the human species is developing new ways to live.” This week the New York Times Home & Garden section pulls back the curtain and takes a cold, hard look at these Homo sapiens who live solo. Some anthropological findings:

1. They run in place during TV commercials.
2. They speaking conversational French to themselves while making breakfast.
3. They sing Journey songs in the shower.

Illustration by Mark Smith/New York Times

4. They turn their dryers into dressers.
5. They play sleep-cycle games with themselves, going "to bed at 2 a.m. one night, and then retire later and later by increments, until [they] go to bed when the sun comes up."
6. They don't close the bathroom door.
7. They talk to their cats.
8. Instead of eating conventional meals, they take "six or seven trips an hour to the refrigerator and subsist largely on cereal."
9. They drink Champagne in the shower at 8 a.m.
10. They "play Madden NFL Football for 10 hours straight [and] eat a French bread pizza for every meal of the day."
11. They leave the house without wearing their skirts.

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