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This is a Real Estate Tycoon's Other $80M Megamansion

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The property baron Donald G. Abbey recently listed his home in the Los Angeles suburb of Bradbury, Calif. for a whopping $78.8M. So, you may ask, where does Mr. Abbey spend his vacations, away from the hustle and bustle of his 47,000-square-foot, 3D theater-equipped primary home? In the Montana wilderness, but not out in some rustic cabin, in a 50,000-square-foot stone mansion known as Whispering Rock. The massive spread on Flathead Lake, sided in Indiana limestone, detailed with African mahogany and Italian marble, and set on a 24-acre private island, also just so happens to be on the market for $78M. That's an eye-popping sum to be sure, but it seems like a deal next to the compound's previous asking price: $105M. Perhaps there is room for a package discount? Billionaires only, please.
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