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Under the Tuscan Sun Villa Rents For Staggering Price Tag

If the Eat, Pray, Love HSN home line doesn't quite do it, now there's a better, more complete way to indulge those decadent divorcee fantasies. In fact, some might argue that this is a truly excellent way of spending any monies earned in, say, a settlement: Bramasole, the villa featured in Under the Tuscan Sun, is available for nightly rental. In the 2006 flick, Diane Lane gazes upon the dilapidated structure—actually the stuccoed farmhouse on a two-house property—and espies its sunny, post-renovation future. This, as well as the main house, were renovated in real life and boast a total of 10 bedrooms and a shared pool, heated Jacuzzi, charcoal grill, and pizza oven outside. The place may be stunningly beautiful, but the price—a staggering $2,451 to $3,831 a night—quickly puts the brakes on any dolce vita daydreaming.

· Bramasole [Italian Villas via Hooked on Houses]