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Antiques Shops With Spray Tan Booths Officially a Thing Now

Finally, something for those who find antiques shopping boring: spray tanning studios. According to the Washington Post, the first hybridized retail experience of this kind is happening in DC: Fit to be Tan, a new store from interior designer Paul Corrie, will have a spray-tanning booth in the back—beyond the bird cages of yore, of course. “Maybe you come in for your [tanning] appointment, and you look around, and you’re surrounded by beautiful things," said Corrie, whose work has been featured in Traditional Home and the long-decease Met Home. “I’m in a very image-conscious line of work. And so is airbrush tanning.” As Curbed DC notes, "So head to the store to get a base before beach weather comes, and pick up a vintage 1940s-era reading lamp while you're there."

· Antiques shop/spray tan venue opening on U Street [Washington Post via Curbed DC]