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In Hills of Lake Como, a Chalet Where Bulls Wear Neckties

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This sprawling, 16,000-square-foot country chalet sits on 3.7 acres of forested hillside in the foothills surrounding northern Italy's Lake Como. While it lacks the views one might expect from a home of this price range near the lake, compensation arrives in the form of some unique features, like a sky-lit indoor pool complete with jacuzzi, fireplace, poufs, and rope swing, plus an odd sculpture depicting a bull dressed up in a suit. The rest of the compound is plenty impressive as well, though not without quirky decor, and boasts seven bedrooms, seven baths, a looker of a kitchen, raw wood beamed ceilings, a study room, and a terrace with views of the surrounding hillsides. It is currently listed for $7.4M.
· Luxurious Chalet Lake Como [Sotheby's]