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Indiana Presents Early Contender for Worst House of 2012

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Last year, the early contender for 2011's worst room came bright and early on Jan. 3; 2012 hasn't had a worthy candidate until now—that would be Feb. 28. Enter this seven-bedroom, 11-bathroom Indianapolis house that's listed for $980K—although it first came to market for $2.5M. The details seem to skirt many different aesthetics, from the gilding, moldings, and marble entry of a French chateau to the '60s-style wall-to-wall carpeting and full-on floral wallpaper in the room above to ambient-lit basement discotheque (called the "Tivolli-lighted play area" in the brokerbabble). There's also apparently a ballroom "or ice skating rink," whatever that means. As for these bright and beautiful two months—it was fun while it lasted.

· 515 Round Hill Road, Indianapolis []
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