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Come, Let's Tour Photographer Mario Testino's L.A. Abode

The March issue of Vogue visits Mario Testino, one of the magazine's go-to fashion photographers, at his 1933 Spanish-style home in the Hollywood Hills. When he first happened upon the property, it sparked something deep-rooted in Testino, reminding him of his native Peru. So he abandoned plans to move home and settled here instead, forgoing a decorator and architect for his own intuition. “Coming here, I was inspired by rusts and browns and greens and ochers. The light is so bright, all of a sudden bright colors become garish; they look like bubble gum," he told Vogue's Hamish Bowles. Above, a shot of the living room, which is filled with finds from Marrakech—straw mats and sheep-colored carpets—a fireplace inspired by Cliff May, dean of the California ranch house, and an eclectic mix of pottery, art, and furniture. "What I wanted to do was to mix the periods that I like,” he says, “the Spanish mixed with the Indian, with the Inca. But then I wanted a seventies element. Really, it’s just a backdrop for the art.” Find two additional shots below and head to for the full gallery.

· Mario Testino Royale: A Look Into the L.A. Photographer's Home [Vogue]