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Fancy Fish Tanks; Eisenhower Memorial Debate Rages On

NYC—This week New York design editor Wendy Goodman profiles Richard Christiansen, an ad exec. Christiansen's party pad of a rental is filled with "a once-­lima-bean-green banana-leaf bed from the eighties" that's been lacquered in a dark color and a 1,000-pound fish tank. [New York]

BRIDGEHAMPTON, N.Y.—People are none too pleased that mega-builder Joe Farrell hopes to add yet more ridiculous amenities to his already-ridiculous "Sandcastle," as the estate is called. Calling Farrell the "neighborhood bully," a letter of protest argues that "it is not even clear why he thinks he is within his rights to apply for the horse barn and riding facility since 10 acres is the minimum requirement and he only has 8.6." [Curbed Hamptons]

WASHINGTON D.C.—The National Civic Art Society, one of the most vocal opponents to Frank Gehry's planned Eisenhower Memorial, has released never-before-seen photos of the very steel "tapestry" design element that has everyone in up in arms. Some arguments: it's a "rat’s nest of tangled steel, a true maintenance nightmare," it will be impossible to clean, and, far from the "permanent" memorial that Congress calls for, it will decay from acid rain. [National Civic Art Society previously]