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For Leap Year, Five Houses Priced at Some Variant of 29

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Ah, Leap Year. As people born on Feb. 29 struggle with existential questions about life and death, Curbed seized the rare opportunity to pit arbitrary real estate listings against each other simply because they all contain the number 29. Let's begin in Los Angeles, where a three-bedroom house built in 1955 asks $2.9M. Perched high above the Sunset Strip, the home boasts lovely stone walls, wood-beamed ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Below, find other listings priced at some denomination of 29. See you in four years!

? Of course Detroit has a good stock of decent-looking houses priced at $29K! This three-bedroom brick Colonial, built in 1945, isn't fancy by anyone's standards but looks like a nice family home on a leafy block.

? This two-bedroom, two-bathroom Atlanta condo originally hit the market for $300K but—thankfully for the purposes of this post—has just been chopped down to $290K. The unit is located in the city's 28-story Spire, a glassy landmark building smack dab in the middle of Midtown Mile.

? This 10-room Manhattan penthouse triplex, which hit the market in January, has 360-degree views from one of the city's largest terraces. The place was designed by Rouse and Goldstone in 1926 and asks $29.5M.

? Ah, glorious $290M. A figure that describes, say, the Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher combined fortune. But to squash commenters' complaints before they begin, no, it appears that no $290M property is on the market, here or anywhere in the world. (America's most expensive private home is listed for a comparatively modest $125M.) However, swallow the ego, drop a bunch of zeros, and rent this cute Marlborough, Mass., farmhouse for $2,900 a month instead.

· 1420 Rising Glen Road, Los Angeles [Trulia]
· 18468 Lindsay St., Detroit [AOL Real Estate]
· 860 Peachtree St. NE Unit 2417, Atlanta [Zillow]
· $29.5M Fifth Avenue Penthouse Takes Terrace Game to New Levels [Curbed NY]
· 118 Farm Rd, Marlborough, Mass. [Luxury Boston]