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A Tour Through Australia's Most Utterly Ridiculous Closet

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Finally, a worthy contender to that $5M Chanel-inspired closet in Dallas; although far more modern, this Queensland, Australia number shows no shortage of extravagance. The five-bedroom, three-bedroom contemporary was built in 2010 and has amenities galore, from the home theater to the second butlers kitchen to the built-in barbecue outside to the seemingly endless plane of travertine marble to the private balcony off the master wing to the obvious: floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. That all takes a backseat to the walk-in closet/master bath combo platter, a space so large it takes three separate photos (the first three in the gallery above) to view in full. The place is asking just under $3.5M; do have a look.

· 12 Vine Street, Queensland, AU [Luxury Portfolio International via CNBC]
· Come Take a Tour Through a $5M Closet Inspired By Chanel [Curbed National]