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Inside a 250-Square-Foot Maximalist Manhattan Apartment

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For $1,350 per month, Gray Burton, a publicist for online private sales site Gilt Groupe, rents a minuscule, 250-square-foot studio apartment on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Where some in his situation might have opted for extreme minimalism to cope with the lacking space, Burton took the opposite approach. The Rhode Island School of Design grad has stuffed his tiny apartment full of collected furniture, plates, glassware, chandeliers and much, much more, found in thrift shops, local antique stores, and through relentless eBay trolling. The New York Times called entering Burton's apartment "like stepping into a Fabergé egg," and the paper has a few more photos and the full write up on these tiny, decked-out digs.
· Living Small, Decorating Large [NYT]