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All Hail the Eli Manning/Tom Brady Real Estate Deathmatch

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With Super Bowl 46 looming, and two legendary—or soon-to-be-legendary—quarterbacks going head to head, it seems only fitting to decide this contest in the realm of the familiar: real estate. Today, Curbed assigns five football-themed awards to Tom Brady or Eli Manning, based on their home records; that is to say, their real estate investments. Brady's the man of extravagance and Manning's got the southern charm; see who comes out on top below.

? Best Rookie Season (aka Best Childhood Home): This one goes, hands down, to Manning, whose childhood home in New Orleans (above) was not only a breeding ground for football talent, but also an impressive piece of classical architecture. Sure, Eli's father, the legendary QB Archie Manning, paid for this place, but it stacks up well against Tom Brady's more typical San Mateo, Calif. house. Score: Brady 0 - Manning 7

? Most Touchdowns (aka Biggest Buy): WIth the help of his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen, who pulled down $45M last year, Brady just bought an $11M plot of land in the blockbuster real estate town of Brentwood and spent nearly the same amount on the house, which is just nearing completion. That blows Eli Manning's New Jersey condo out of the water, but we wonder how much Gisele had to do with this victory. Score: Brady 7 - Manning 7

? Best Passer (aka Best Flip): Eli hasn't had much experience playing the real estate game, but Brady is a seasoned pro at this point. Despite not having any official business in New York, the New England QB purchased a high-floor pad in Manhattan's blockbuster Time Warner Center in 2004 for $14M. After renting the place out at $50K per month for years, he sold to Robert Stiller, Vermont's wealthiest man, for $17.5M. Score: Brady 14 - Manning 7

Photos: Steve Hulbert/Electronic House

? Best Equipment: Now, in the world of football, competing over who has the best pads and cleats is frowned upon. In the real estate game, the right features can make or break a property and for a quarterback there might not be a better home feature than Eli Manning's home theater setup, with motorized shades, Crestron remotes, and a hidden bar. The Giants QB can comfortably review game tapes in his 3,000-square-foot Hoboken, N.J. condo for hours without lifting more than a finger. Score: Brady 14 - Manning 14

? Best Playbook (aka Best Investment): Of course, in this category, Brady benefits from his prolific investment strategy. In this case, he played developer, buying a limestone mansion in Boston's Back Bay and converting it into condos. The Patriots hero paid $6.23M for the building, an unknown sum on the conversion, and is now looking to sell the triplex penthouse for $10.5M. That unit alone should cover his investment if it sells at that price, but that's discounting the millions he made selling off the other units. Still, we're only awarding three points, as this one has yet to be decided.

FINAL SCORE: Brady 17 - Manning 14

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