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Website of the Day: Moby Los Angeles Architecture Blog

Ever the mysterious and mystique-filled Moby has added another trip under his fantastically tortured bachelor belt: he runs a blog! The musician and Wolf's Lair dweller has just launched Moby Los Angeles Architecture Blog, a bluntly named look at the "strange and beautiful architecture in los angeles." Some recent philosophical musings include: "it’s amazing that there’s so much free floating apocrypha in a city that was fairly sparsely populated up until 100 years ago" and "oh, and that a lot of houses in l.a were built by oddball film people and artists with utopian ideas and sporadic influxes of money)." Another: "i’m merely suggesting that my blog is relatively pointless. the architecture is anything but pointless, it’s great, even when it’s banal and mundane. it’s my blogging that is relatively pointless. or so i believe. i guess i should work on my syntax." (Moby doesn't use capital letters, by the way.) Read more on the blog.

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