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Behind the Pearly Gates at Five Luxe Guarded Estates

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If this whole 1%-versus-the-world thing escalates, the rich would do well to revert to hiding behind high walls and gates, guarded by handsomely paid security guards. Well, some such folks have already started, many well before any crowds formed in Zuccotti Park. Build in 1993, this temple to opulence in the Holmby Hills enclave of Los Angeles is tucked away behind towering metal gates a few doors down from the famous Spelling mansion. In addition to the gates, there's an eight-foot wall encircling the property and a guard house just inside the grounds to deter any intruders who manage to get past the first line of defense. Of course, with all that security there must be something worth guarding, in this case an elaborate 28,000-square-foot Moroccan-inspired palace with six bedrooms, 14 baths, and a private nightclub dubbed "Atlantis." It's more than a little over-the-top, but, then again, so is the price at $27.5M.

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? For a much more old-school take on the gated residence, we head to Tuxedo Park, N.Y., a private community tucked behind police-guarded stone gates an hour's drive from NYC. Inside those gates there are no retail stores and no restaurants, but there are three breathtaking lakes, an abundance of classic homes, and the Tuxedo Park Club, home to obscure racquet sports and the ballroom where the tuxedo got its name. This 10,000-square-foot shingle-style manse, built in 1910 and known as Amber Oaks, is listed for $3.95M, with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms on 2.2 acres.

? Tuxedo Park might have the history, but it's California that dominates when it comes to gated homes and developments. In 2002, it was estimated that 40% of all new homes in that state were built behind gates and walls. Located inside the guarded Hunt Club in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., south of Los Angeles, this $4.9M estate enjoys carefree amenities like a tennis court, round infinity pool, expansive lawns, and 11,000 square feet of interior space.

? The northern suburbs of Los Angeles also enjoy their fair share of secure compounds, but perhaps none more so than Malibu, where the famous Malibu Colony has drawn the rich and famous in search of a little privacy—and the chance to get off of the busy Pacific Coast Highway. The dead end lane, guarded by a midcentury gate house, packs the multi-milliondollar mansions into a tiny corner of the beach, but they don't seem to be starving for amenities. This $14M number, across the road from the beachfront, boasts an elaborate pool area, full-sized tennis court, four-bedroom main house, and a guest house, all on a postage stamp-sized lot.

? A little closer to the city, the hillside enclave of Pacific Palisades provides several gated communities, including the ridge-top Shadow Mountain Drive. On one of that road's prized plots, this 6,850-square-foot mansion takes peeks at the Pacific and feels nestled high above the hustle and bustle of the PCH. For nearly $9M, the house provides five beds, seven baths, a private spa, and a swimming pool.

· 330 S Mapleton Drive []
· Tuxedo Park NY []
· 30791 Hunt Club Dr []
· 23457 Malibu Colony Rd [Zillow]
· 16360 Shadow Mountain Dr []