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Please Meet Manhattan's Very Own Totally Lego Staircase

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It's a special sorta project that requires one to call one one of the—count them—five people in the entire country who's licensed to do whatever it is that needs to be done. Such was the case for a couple who wanted to create a full Lego wall within the confines of their 1,500-square-foot Manhattan apartment. Melissa Marks, an artist, "dreamed up the concept based on both [her son] Archie’s love for the bricks and her own affection for geometric, abstract design and Lego-like colors," according to a piece that runs today over on New York magazine. Obviously there's no better person to entrust with such a task than the guy who builds Lego replicas of the Empire State Building that stand four feet tall and use 13,000 pieces, so Marks and her husband enlisted just that person—Queens-based Lego artist Sean Kenney—for the gig. Total installation time, including two assistants: some 140 hours. Below, find a close-up shot of the balcony.

Photo by Thomas Loof via NYMag

· The 20,000-Brick Apartment [NYMag]