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Sticking it to Naysayers and Skeptics, Lonny Goes Monthly

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Nearly one month after its furloughs and production stoppage made news, Lonny magazine proves all shelter conspiracy theorists wrong. It's not folding, there's no word of it being sold, but starting in May the digital design pub will amp up its publication schedule from bimonthly to monthly. "We took a much-needed break to establish ourselves internally," writes editor in chief Michelle Adams in the magazine's official announcement. "Our recent restructuring will allow us to grow in a sustainable manner and more effectively meet the needs of our readers. [...] We're back and positioned to contribute." In other words: expanded, staffed up too fast, and was forced to downsize? In any event, everyone from interiors mother hen Bunny Williams to the girls of younger design firm Tilton Fenwick are already big fans of the change.

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