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Sign Up For the Newsletter; Win Office Fixin's From Poppin!

Here's a win-win twofer: sign up for Curbed's House of the Day newsletter—a way of ensuring that the House of the Day column and other top stories land in your Inbox each afternoon, like magic—and your name will be automatically entered to win a bundle of desk and office accessories from Poppin. The retailer specializes in "unique office supplies that make work fun" and prides itself in "reinventing the office supply industry and re-imagining it into something exciting and compelling by taking dull, ordinary and tired products, and infusing them with color, spirit and life." Hurry—sign up for Curbed's House of the Day newsletter by Monday morning for the chance to win more than $60 worth of stuff, including stackable inboxes and a full desk set in the color of your choice. See the official rules here.

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