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Here's the First Cover of the Cottages & Gardens NY Edition

What a week it's been for shelter media. First Domino confirmed that it is, in fact, back from the dead. Then Lonny, rumored to be sold or possibly even kaput, announced that it's amping up its game by switching from a bimonthly to a monthly publication schedule. Now reps send in the augural cover of New York Cottages & Gardens, the newest magazine to emerge from the Cottages & Gardens group of regional high-end design and lifestyle magazines. Extending the publisher's foothold from Connecticut and the Hamptons to New York City, Westchester County (a region once covered in the now-defunct Westchester Cottages & Gardens), the Gold Coast of Long Island, and the Hudson Valley, NYC&G will be helmed by Hamptons Cottages & Gardens editor Kendell Cronstrom and published five times this year starting next month. According to the release, projects will range from "a rooftop terrace garden on an 1840's Brooklyn brownstone to a classic-six apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side [to] an ultra-modern house overlooking Long Island Sound to a pre-Revolutionary War mansion in the Hudson Valley." In the past there's been an overlap in the designers and architects featured in the C&G books and those featured in national shelter magazines, so it'll be interesting to see how this invasion of a market commonly covered by, say, Elle Decor plays out.

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