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Sex (and a Teddy) Tries to Sell Sleezy Pittsburgh Two-Bed

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[Photo redacted.]

Here's something not even "fully updated quartz counters" can compete with: a black lace teddy worn (in all seriousness) extremely well. Unlike the selling tactics for a certain gaudy California mansion (where barely clad babes are used purposely and not the least bit sparingly), the photo above was likely slipped into the listing by accident. The Pittsburgh two-bedroom condo is asking $509,900 and will likely sport a new set of pics very, very soon. And if this was indeed a mistake, there's no doubt some poor guy will be groveling in the doghouse until hell freezes over.

· 151 Fort Pitt Boulevard #901, Pittsburgh, Penn. [Trulia]
· Two Barely Clad Babes Used to Sell Gaudy California Estate [Curbed National]