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"Chicken Heating Master!" Writes World's Best Landlord Note

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Renting is a joy, isn't it? If you're not blessed with a landlord who puts up "White Only" signs or hides cameras all over your apartment, perhaps you're still lucky enough to have a landlord like the one who wrote the note above. Dignifying one of his tenants as "some fat head, talented ass clown," the landlord offers a hand to those looking to cook chicken: "IF YOU WANT TO HEAT UP YOUR CHICKEN, JUST ASK ME!!! I'LL HEAT IT UP FOR YOU! INFACT [sic], I'LL HEAT EVERYONE'S CHICKEN! JUST CALL ME!! I LOVE CHICKENS!" The note was first posted on Reddit, so there's no provenance, but still. The warm 'n' fuzzy takeaway lives on.

· The chicken heating master. [Reddit via The Daily What]