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New York Magazine to Launch Standalone Shelter Title

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Blockbuster news from the halls of New York magazine this morning: its first-ever standalone design magazine, New York Design Hunting, will debut in May. According to a report in WWD today, much-revered design editor Wendy Goodman—she's the one behind the weekly Design Hunting newsletters—will edit the book, which will start off as a once-yearly trial issue.

What can readers expect? If New York Design Hunting continues along the path that Goodman's already set forth, the magazine will likely be stocked with boundary-pushing stories about unusual urban environments (in the city and beyond its limits, no doubt), extreme and possibly even superlative spaces, and all sorts of families with all sorts of tastes. It will likely not be a straightforward shelter title with romanticized text and overly styled photos: Goodman tends to go for things like all-Lego staircases and walls covered in 2,398 pieces of paper over anything too precious.

The news of the New York launch comes at the heels of a hyperactive two months for the shelter industry: Domino is being reborn in newsstand-only form, Cottages & Gardens has plans to debut a New York edition, Lonny's about to amp up its circulation and become a monthly, and now this. As New York publisher Larry Burstein says, “We are having a shelter moment.” Amen to that, brother!

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