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A Stuffy Mansion With the West's Longest Home Water Slide

From the interiors, one might not expect that this stuffy, $16.5M Tudor mansion is so fun loving, but in the backyard lies a serpentine, 185-foot water slide, allegedly the longest in the western United States. The 15,000-square-foot main house, originally built in 1930, has some rooms that look centuries older, with wood paneling and ornate fireplaces. Sited on 2.6 gated acres of pricey Hillsborough, Calif. real estate, the twelve-bedroom, eleven-bath spread is accompanied by a tennis court, an outdoor kitchen, and dense landscaping. The interiors retain plenty of historic detail, but, according to one commenter over on Homes of the Rich, not nearly as much as it used to. Apparently, the current owner altered the interiors, and none for the better.
· 3080 Ralston Av [Coldwell Banker]
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