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Reminder: Seeking Horror Stories for Rookie Roosts Week

A reminder that Curbed's first-ever Rookie Roosts Week—in which the murky, oft-terrifying world of first-time homebuying will be explored ad infinitum across the network—will kick off on Mon., March 26. On the local blogs, that means: maps and guides for first-time buyers, neighborhood tips and advice, and reports from the front lines of buying property for the first time. Here on Curbed National, look for starter homes in the House of the Day column and a nationwide contest to find the worst first-time homebuying experience out there. Which means now's the time to send in those horror stories—think auction purchases gone awry, back taxes backlash, shady home inspectors, and brokers who adopt a Pinocchio-like sense of the truth. The tip line's open through Sun., March 25 and once the horror stories are put up to a nationwide vote, the winner will win a $2,500 gift card to the home store of their choice.

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