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Smartypants Agent Breaks Into, Tries to Sell Unlisted Home

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In this installment of girls behaving badly, a real estate agent in Atlanta took a client to see an unlisted home, somehow managed to break in, and made a really big mess inside, tracking dust and grout over newly stained hardwood floors. A contractor hired by Prudential estimated that damages fall in the $500 range, while homeowner Tammy Popaeko believes it's more like $4,000. "I'm seven months pregnant," she told CBS Atlanta, "Things are moving kind of quickly, I'm reading to be in my house. [...] All I just want is my hardwood floors re-sanded, re-stained." Meanwhile, Prudential Georgia Realty agent Carla Robinson and her client were both issued criminal trespass warnings and were told, uh, never to come back. Watch the news coverage below. Watch the news coverage over here.

· [CBS Atlanta via Curbed Atlanta]