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Check Out MLB Star Johnny Damon's Bonkers Bowling Alley

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[photo redacted]

The five baseballers' homes that Curbed covered yesterday don't hold a candle to this: Johnny Damon's private bowling alley, complete with creepy clown painting and "Damon" tagged on the graffiti-strewn wall, resides in the basement of his 30,000-square-foot mansion in Windermere, Fla. The bowling alley isn't the only place in and around this massive manse for the MLB free agent to relax and forget about playing a game for a living. There's also a tennis court, eight-car garage, and a Disney/Polynesian resort-style pool with a thatched-roofed swim-up bar, rocky surround, fire pit, waterfall, and neon-lit hot tub.

[photo redacted]

For more pictures of Damon's megamansion, head over to Homes of the Rich.

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