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Now You Can Buy a Tiny 64-Square-Foot House on eBay

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Here's something for online-shopping addicts: a Tumbleweed Tiny House XS Model—created by Jay Shafer, author of The Small House Book and an outspoken leader in the tiny house movement—is now available on eBay. The tiny dwelling measures only 64 square feet but comes stocked with a trailer and furnishings (including a queen-size mattress), plus "RV style hookups for water and electrical but does not have an attached sewer tank. Bathroom would need to be hooked up to an exterior sewer system or have a sewer storage tank added.” Commissioned for an exhibition by the Toledo Museum of Art and constructed gratis by local contractors, the XS-House was put up for auction by the museum, which will use proceeds to fund its early childhood art education program. Bidding stays open through April 7; current bid is around $24K.

Photo via Flavorwire

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