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Mansion Built by Pocahontas Descendant Now Home to Dolls

Built in 1875 by James S. Thomson, a prominent citizen of Glasgow, Mo. and alledged descendant of Pocahontas, this Italianate mansion measures an imposing 10,000 square feet and sits on 1.5 acres adjacent to the town's high school. Frankly, the interiors are enough to scare any child, with dolls seemingly in every room—including a life-sized version in the entryway—and a pipe organ. Strip away the creepy furnishings though, and the house is rife with cool features. When it was completed, an attic cistern was used to collect rainwater and provide water pressure to the lower floors. Trap doors in the baseboards led to shoots, so servants could sweep dust and refuse directly into the basement furnace. Then there are more conventional historic details, like seven fireplaces, built-in walnut cabinetry, plaster moldings and medallions, and a cupola that provides panoramic views. This unique house, located about an hour from Columbia, Mo., is currently listed by the owner for $400K.
· 1000 Randolph Street [Zillow]